A Look at Books

TO BE AS GOD, by Dr. Bolton Davidheiser, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., Box 185, Nutley, New Jersey, 41 pages, $1.00. Reviewed by Rev. Frank De Jong, San Jose, California.

The introduction to this little book, written by Rousas John Rushdoony, gives in a nutshell what the message is all about. He writes, “The spirit of this age is autonomy, the attempt of man to be his own god. To prove this, man seeks intensely and steadily to create life and to play the role of god over his own creation, and also to remake to suit his own goals . . . Men are determined to play god, to exercise freedom without responsibility, and to assert their autonomy from God’s law and man’s wishes.” 

Dr. Davidheiser, as a biologist (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University), analyze these attempts of modern science to play god. In a concise and clear way he gives various examples of such attempts on the part of modern day scientists. Summarizing all this he writes, “Today, as recognized theologians claim that God is dead, humanism is to take the place of theology, the state is to replace God.”

Miracles arc no longer considered supernatural acts of God, but, must be explained from a natural point of view. If this cannot be done, according to these modem scientists, then it never did occur. The big problem of the origin of life still puzzles these men of science and so they make an attempt to create life in the testtube themselves. All kinds of attempts are being made to develop an egg cell without fertilization and predictions are given of a time when “test-tube babies” will be a possibility.

An interesting observation is found on pages 25, 26 concerning the teaching of evolution. The author speaks of “scientifically developed brainwashing techniques.” So-called experts have been loud and clear in declaring that evolution is an accepted, proven fact; and now the public in general bows to this interpretation. Individuals are swayed in their thinking by what appears to be a majority opinion . . . Indeed, they have become so bold in their assurance that the public is already sold on evolution that they can glibly make extravagant statements without documentation.”

The entire book is excellent reading, very informing, and Scripture-oriented. To be able to counteract the unreason of this present age, buy this book! TOWARD A CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE – “A Chalcedon Study,” Elizabeth Fellerson, Editor; Published by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Nutley, N.J. 07110, 1972, 43 pp. $1.00. Reviewed by Rev. Louis Kerkstra, pastor of Lee Street Christian Reformed Church, Wyoming, Michigan. This booklet is not a marriage manual in the sense that the prime title might suggest. It is rather the study referred to in its subtitle. In essence it consists of a collection of sermons and addresses given by three ministers: two by Rousas J. Rushdoony; two by Lawrence R. Eyres; and one by Joel H. Nederhood. Each of these messages is bases on a portion of Scripture and ends with a brief prayer. By brining these messages together in booklet form, the editor has presented a fairly comprehensive view of what lies behind a sound marriage which will carry out the purpose intended by God. Insights can also be gleaned from these messages as to why evolutionary theory leads to breakdown of the family as the basic unit of society. It is a booklet which is well worth the short time required to read it through.