Responding to the Sexual Revolution

In a previous article I argued that to see a significant reduction in the number of abortions in America we need to repeal the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s, because popular acceptance of divorce, abortion and extra-marital sex form a unified cultural pattern. The three sins became socially acceptable in one cultural transition […]

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Dealing with Our Differences

Perfect harmony among God’s people is not to be expected before we get to heaven. There, where all infirmity and all ignorance is over and gone forever, the Lord’s people will “see eye-to-eye” on everything. There all mysteries will be explained to all the saints, and all the controverted points of doctrine and duty will […]

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A Sophomore’s Reflections on College

Do you plan to go to college? If you’re in high school, your search for the place to continue your education has likely already begun. Maybe you’ve already visited a few campuses and experienced the typical sales pitches from tour guides and admissions counselors. Maybe your mailbox is starting to sag with the weight of shiny brochures […]

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