Bible Study: A Spiritual Must

As the fall season approaches, we are challenged to renewed efforts in regard to personal and group Bible study. We are daily confronted with the need for such renewed effort. The society in which we live is an increasingly secular one. Gallup studies have revealed that 58% of Americans believe religion’s impact on American life […]

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The Angel of the Lord (3)

There is no direct reference to the angel of the Lord by that name or title in the book of Joshua. However, there is a record of “a man . . . with a drawn sword in his hand” who confronts Joshua as he contemplates his attack on the city of Jericho. The man identifies […]

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The Angel of the Lord (5)

Turning, finally, to the book of Zechariah we find the angel of the Lord mentioned in several instances. In Zechariah 1, the prophet had a vision in which an angel explained the meaning of what he had seen. An interesting detail is added, however, for the text says, “and they [riders on the horses] reported […]

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