Church & World January 1996

Former Christian Reformed Congregations Federate to Form “Fellowship of Uniting Reformed Churches” LYNWOOD, IL (November 27, 1995) URNS — After eleven meetings over a period of ten years, most of the 55 independent congregations in the Alliance of Reformed Churches have decided they want to “federate” into a new denomination. What the federation will look […]

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The Sexual Revolution: Research and Reflection

Ever since the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and the 70’s, western Christians have been tempted to retreat from traditional Biblical sexual ethics. Even if our personal practice has not changed, we have felt some pressure with regard to our teaching, either to raise our voices because of the conflict with our culture, or else […]

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The Snare Of Misdirected Pity – Part Two

Euthanasia Euthanasia, including assisted suicide, is another example of misdirected pity in our present culture. It is being tolerated and accepted by people in our society out of pity for someone experiencing suffering. The Bible teaches us to have compassion for and give help to those suffering. Certainly every legitimate medical means should be used […]

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