The Crystal Cathedral Megachurch Goes Bankrupt

Considering that Robert Schuller pioneered the current megachurch movement, the recent bankruptcy of the Crystal Cathedral is no small issue. Are we getting a glimpse into the near future for those megachurches that have followed Schuller’s paradigm for ministry? Just what is the current state of the megachurch movement? If the Crystal Cathedral is any […]

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Grumpy Old Men & The Reformed Tradition

Where are all the young people going? Why do the visitors never seem to stick? Why have there been so many fights in our church history? Unfortunately, these are common questions in the Reformed tradition. In my years as a pastor, I have been shocked over how much antipathy there has been toward Reformed churches. […]

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Must We Really Worship Twice on Sunday?

The psalmist exclaims in Psalm 84:1: “How lovely is your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts.” The word tabernacle means dwelling place. The tabernacle was the place that God chose to come down and meet with his people in the wilderness. The God of heaven and earth descended to meet with his people so that they […]

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