Worldview or Worldly…

It is a matter of fact that everyone has a worldview, even if they have no idea of what a worldview is and from where theirs came. Everybody has a view of life and how it ought to be lived. Everybody lives their lives according to their worldview—conscious or sub-conscious. The tragedy for the Christian is that if he fails to actively develop a Biblical worldview he will draw from the world ideas about life and the living of life in this fallen world. You can not escape being shaped by the world unless you are being transformed by the teachings of God’s Word. For this reason, several pastors in the West Michigan area have begun a Worldview Conference for high school and college age adults — that they might be pressed to think in biblical terms about their lives.



This conference, The Great Lakes Worldview Conference (G.L.W.C.), is now looking forward to its fourth year and again the sponsors are excited about the opportunity that will be extended to young adults to think biblically. This conference is purposely heavy in content and schedule while maintaining an atmosphere and approach that is well suited for the attendee’s age and background. In short, the conference is about helping young Christians develop a thoroughly Christian worldview that they, with others, might turn the world upside down. Reformation is the child of Biblical teaching given life by the work of God’s Spirit. It is not enough that conferences and activities be scheduled it is necessary that they be content oriented and dependent upon the Spirit’s intervention. Without apology, G.L.W.C. is an appoint-ment with the exercise of the mind and the inflaming of the life— may God make it so.

The 2004 conference is scheduled for July 14–17 and we are pleased to announce that Dr. Nick Willborn of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, pastor of Christ Reformed Church of Anaheim, CA and a regular on “The White Horse Inn” have both agreed to participate. Dr. Riddlebarger will be speaking on the topic of Reformed Eschatology (the doctrine of last things), and Dr. Willborn will address the topic of Church History, carefully looking at how it has shaped the present church. Both of these topics will alter the way the attendee views the world and their life in the world. Again, the use of Reformed Bible College’s beautiful Grand Rapids campus has been secured. And again, great things are expected of the upcoming conference to the end that those attending will find much help in their understanding and living of the Christian faith. Now is the time to train the mind for, and set the heart upon, the task of living a distinctive Christian life in a dark world.

The pastors that began this conference did so because they were heart sick with the way so many youth and young adults in their reformed churches seemed to just float through church life with little zeal for the greatness of Reformed theology. This failure of many, to see how Reformed Christian thought had previously shaped the world and how it ought now to be shaping the world, was the catalyst for action. It is for this reason the conference is offered. The goal is of introducing young adults to speakers and topics in such a context as G.L.W.C., that they might be stretched and encouraged to a Christianity that is sound theologically and passionate in application.

If Reformed and Presbyterian Churches are to prosper in generations to come, and not be relegated to a shelf in the evangelical museum, our young adults must grasp the greatness, beauty and power of Biblical doctrine—which is well summarized in the reformed confessions.

For this cause the conference exists. For this cause we invite your help. Pray for the conference, the speakers and the students. Help the conference to become better known—spread the word in community and church. And finally, if you are a rising tenth grader through college age make plans to come the 2004 G.L.W.C.