United Reformed Churches in North America Classis Michigan Report

Classis Michigan met on January 12 for the purpose of granting Rev. James Admiraal a second colloquium doctum. Rev. Admiraal had sustained his first colloquium doctum and was granted emeritus status in the URCNA. As a retired minister, Rev. Admiraal took a part time position at the Cornerstone United Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan for almost two years as their pulpit supply.

When the congregation extended a call to Rev. Admiraal to come out of retirement to be their full time pastor, classis felt they want to ask Rev. Admiraal a few more questions. Rev. Admiraal very ably defended the Reformed faith and sustained the exam.

Classis also offered advice to a consistory seeking counsel from the classis and bid farewell to Rev. Gene Crow who has accepted a call to an Orthodox Christian Reformed Church in Cambridge, Canada. Rev. Admiraal was installed as the Senior Pastor of the Cornerstone URC on January 15, 2006. Rev. Edward J. Knott conducted the service. Rev. Jeff Doll also participated in the service.

Respectfully submitted, Rev. W. H. Oord Clerk of Classis