The Return of Cornelius Van Til

21st century technology will arrive a few years early for everyone who appreciates the work of the great Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til (1895–1987). This summer through the efforts of Eric Sigward, Logos Research Systems and P&R Publishing, everything Van Til ever published will be available on one CD-ROM. It’s all there: 28 full books, 91 articles, 72 reviews, 14 pamphlets, and 24 miscellaneous unpublished typescripts and syllabi and even 27 Dutch articles. It is the equivalent of 15,000 pages of text.

Not only are Van Til’s own writings fully and faithfully captured on this CD-ROM, but there will be photographs, the King James Bible, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and approximately 12 hours of Van Til audio sermons and lectures




The engine for this CD-ROM is particularly advanced. It is a single-search technology. For instance, if you want to look at “covenant,” a single-search will show you what Scripture says, what the Westminster Confession says, and what Van Til writes. The audio lectures are also included topically. In other words, every time “covenant” is referred to on this disc, it will come up when called, from whatever source. Heretofore, you needed to execute a new search each time you wanted to cross boundaries from one format to another. Now, it’s “one-stop shopping.” the search mechanism is also multi-lingual. The foreign languages used by Van Til are no problem, and that includes the biblical languages.

Who will benefit? From the pastor preparing Sunday’s sermon, who will not have to scour his library and pile relevant books on his desk, to the seminarian writing his thesis, to missionaries constrained by weight and space limitations, to the Sunday school teacher or Bible study leader who needs to plan the next lesson—all will appreciate the accessibility and compactness of the Cornelious Van Til CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM runs on an IBM compatible computer, 486, Windows 3.1 or higher, minimum 33 MHz, 15 MB of hard drive, and minimum 4 MB ram. It is available this summer from P&R Publishing in Phillipsburg, New Jersey (800-621-0094). Call them to order or just to get on the notification list. The list price is $250. There are, however, significant discounts for early orders.