The Creationists Thanksgiving

To highlight this review is in keeping with the Thanksgiving Day season. The publication under review is A Symposium on Creation by Henry M. Morris and others. Publisher is Baker Book House (156 pp., $1.95). Reviewer is Rev. Paul De Koekkoek (emeritus) of Seattle, Washington.

Recent reading of the four volumes of A Symposium on Creation suggested special thanksgiving for creation, even though confused, bold unbelief disputes that God is and that He made the world.

There is reason for special thanksgiving that we can accept creation as a fact. That fact is clearly revealed in Scripture, confirmed by nature (true science), maintained by our creeds, and preached in our pulpits. There is pertinent evidence of God’s creative work: positive contradiction of the timeworn dead-end theory of evolution. We know where we came from. For this: thanks to our God!

Also thanksgiving for increased witness to creation. There has long been positive testimony opposed to the idea that the world can be explained apart from God. More recently the position of “Bible Science” is strengthened by a growing accumulation of Scripture proof and of the findings of true Science. The Symposium on Creation, four volumes by Baker Book House. essays by several Christian men of science, are in positive support of the Creationist stand. These men are believers of scholarly stature. The scope of their work is comprehensive, presenting relevant perspectives on origins, time, dating, geology, stratigraphy, the flood, ice age, mythology, the horse. birds, fossils, the cell, blood, botany, instinct, philosophy, archaeology, and even the Scope’s trial. All, and more, to show the pattern and purpose of creation. The writers are all in basic agreement with creation-fact, and opposed to evolutiontheory. For this we thank our God.

Two particular papers may be singled out for our considered interest. They would seem to be of special value for our constituency 1n chapter I, the author answers the question, “Can we accept Theistic Evolution?” with a resounding No! Some of us, while in positive disagreement with the theory of evolution, might wonder whether theistic (God-directed) evolution could be acceptable. Some men seem to think so. A writer in Volume I (P. A. Zimmerman) docs not agree with that conception of evolution, and he clearly shows why.

Another writer (L. C. Steinhauer) discusses Patten‘s theory (rather strong personal opinion) regarding planetary catastrophes. to explain the origin of past great accumulations of ice (more fully discussed and illustrated in his book, The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch; his study of Patten’s ideas caused him to admit the plausibility, the merit of Patten’s argument.

True, much of the four volumes of the Symposium is written in technical terms not understood by most of us, yours truly included, but the earnest student will not miss the unanimous main thrust against evolution theory and for Creationism. Thanksgiving to God for overwhelming scholarly witness to Bible-taught creation!

Thanks also for a satisfying personal experience. Full recognition of my God, who is so much maligned by sinful men, has my warmhearted appreciation, and I respond to it with joy. Right on! Reverence for our sovereign God’s greatness and glory—not the least for His saving restoration of a sinful world in Christ Jesus!

Then there also is the implication of judgment God’s punishment of rebellious unbelievers. Judgment is shown in the deluge, as well as His grace in the ark, saving Noah and his family. Thinking of the insults heaped upon our God, it does satisfy to know that God maintains His own honor in judgment, and that for us believers (sinners, too) He has cooled His wrath on His Son who took our place in obedience to His Father in love—warning and comfort both!

Thanksgiving to God for full vindication of Himself in love and justice. It guarantees the God-centered rule over the world, culminating in a glorious climax at the return of Christ with the shout of angels.

Eternal thanksgiving is our privileged promise and assignment. For we will see (after believing) the God who IS!