Rev. Boonstra, Back to God Hour Voice, Dies

The Rev. Juan S. Boonstra, voice of the Spanish-language broadcast of the Christian Reformed Church for 26 years, has died at age 69.

The Spanish broadcast ministry titled, “La Hora de la Reforma” (The Hour of Reformation) started in 1964 and Rev. Boonstra was its first minister until he retired in 1991.

Although the broadcast ministry had humble beginnings, today there are over 400 radio stations that carry “La Hora de la Reforma” throught the continent and Spain.

Rev. Boonstra died Thursday, March 24, at his Hebron home in Indiana. A native of Argentina, he graduated from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rev. Boonstra is survived by his wife, Natalie, three sons, one daughter and 13 grandchildren. May they experience the love of God and His people during this difficult time.