Persecution in Colombia

Fanatical Roman Catholics in the name of Conservative politics are shedding blood in Colombia today. One year ago the town of EI Carmen in the state of Norte de Santander was the scene of a typical political-religious scourge. Two hundred armed policemen raided the town. Wherever a copy of the Bible was found the people were dragged into the street and stoned to death. Men were shot down like animals when they tried to flee, and those who were captured alive were led barefooted through the streets strewn with broken bottles. They were forced at the point of a gun to pray to the Virgin Mary, then shamefully slaughtered and buried in a grave they had dug with their own hands. A dead donkey was buried with them as an added insult. This is just one incident in a scattered persecution in the land.

A rap came at the door of a Protestant native pastor. When he answered the call, there stood two men armed with machetes or hatchets. They forthwith began to cut the pastor to pieces—yes, into pieces two inches square by the time they had finished him off.

Rom. 1:16 means something to Colombian believers. They are having a chance to prove their unashamedness with their very lives, as Rome begins an open attack upon them. In some parts of the country Christians have been burned out of their homes, have had their property confiscated, and are refugees, fleeing from the terror of Rome. In spite of persecution, fire, and sword in Colombia, Christians are standing true to the Lord and others are being added to the Church. Praise the Lord!

Missionaries have had to flee from many parts of Colombia. Churches have been destroyed or taken over by the government. In one case cattle were housed in the church building. Schools have been unceremoniously closed at the orders of the Roman hierarchy, but God is still on the throne.

Today, in Colombia, South America, everyone who names the Name of Christ is in danger of violent death. Some have been martyred, others are ready, and many are wimessing. Pray for them!

– From “Prairie Overcomer,” March 1951