Our Question Box

Rev. Harlan G. Vanden Einde, pastor of Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is now in charge of Our Question Box.

It is with some sense of hesitancy that I have consented to take up where Dr. Leonard Greenway left off with Our Question Box. But I have accepted the appointment because I also feel the challenge involved in attempting to give responsible answers to inquiries from our readers. Dr. Greenway has ably handled the questions directed to him, and I only hope that I can be of assistance in some small way; if not in satisfying everyone’s taste, then at least in providing some material to promote further discussion or thought on a given subject. I do not profess to have “all the answers,” but will do my best to respond honestly to the question you send. Please send them to me at 1000 Hancock, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49507.

Question – Let me begin this month on a rather personal note. Obviously no reader has sent in this question, but I have been asked in the past: “Why are you a member of the Reformed Fellowship and why do you encourage others to join?”

Answer – Well, I became a member about a dozen years ago shortly after I was ordained to the ministry. I loved the Reformed Faith and the principles for which the Christian Reformed Church stands. Through the gracious invitation of a good colleague of mine, I decided to join this independently owned and operated non-profit organization “devoted to the exposition and defense of the Reformed Faith,” as it says on the cover of this magazine.

I consider it a great privilege to be part of an organization “comprised of a group of Christian believers who hold to the Reformed Faith,” whose purpose, according to the masthead, “is to give sharpened expression to this Faith, to stimulate the doctrinal sensitivities of those who profess this Faith, to promote the spiritual welfare and purity of the Christian Reformed Church particularly and also of other Reformed churches, and as far as possible to further the interests of all Christian action and institutions of Reformed character.” That is a noble purpose, and during my years of membership, I have never regretted the decision to become a part of it.

To promote the basic tenets of the Reformed Faith, such as the absolute Sovereignty of God, salvation by grace alone, justification by faith, and a high view of God’s infallible and inspired Word and of the church, does not draw the plaudits of a secular world. But that is not why the supporters of the Reformed Fellowship produce THE OUTLOOK. They produce it because of their love for the truth, and for the glory of God, evidenced by the fact that, barring exceptions, the contributors are given no financial remuneration for their writing. It’s a labor of love. And I am very happy to be a part of it.

So if you were to meet me on the street some day and ask: “Do you think it’s worth it for me to become a member of the Reformed Fellowship?”, I would likely respond: “Why, of course! For less than what it would cost for two of you to go out to dinner this evening, you can help promote the cause of the Reformed Faith throughout the North American continent. Where could you find anything else with such year-round value as that?”

Now, I look forward to your questions.