O Man!

O man who seeks to enter space And other worlds would claim, Hast thou yet learned the God of Heaven, His star that ne’er doth wane? You know the radiance of earth’s sun, The speed of light unseen— Hast thou yet felt God’s warming love, Known Christ the light supreme? The blood in banks—can it atone? No saving cross or crown! O man that seeks a life beyond And centuries of time, Hast thou yet found eternal joy, A moment’s peace—divine?

O man that fathoms ocean’s depths And scales the highest peak, Yet scoffs at words of deepest faith And shuns what angels seek; That hopes for calm from bottled vice, To tame soul’s gasping moan, Encapsuled food and lettered strength, While leaving God alone; O man so drunk with surging power, With speed and glamor vain, Turn now thy heart, turn now thy soul, And feel His drawing rein.

O thou whose ills of soul and mind With drugs would yet assuage; Take now the drink of healing springs And balm that knows no age. O man who once held earth for Him, Yet lost it through thy sin; Return and humbly seek thy God. He gave, they soul to win.