Letter to the Editor

STRESSES GRAVE RESPONSIBILITY OF SPIRITUAL LEADERS I have thought often enough of addressing myself to writing a few lines to this department, but that evil of procrastination until now, had the upper hand. Mr. Editor, what I would say is in regards to what seems to me to be a very serious situation in our day and age, and that is the apparent total lack of fear on the part of not only church members in general but I would say sadly enough on the part of the spiritual leaders of our day, who would change the Word of God and make it of none died; for example to name a few, the infallibility of Scripture, which by the way of course, makes deviating from other cardinal truths that much the easier, such as the divorce question, the maintaining of the male as the only rightful office holder in this church, etc. so clearly set forth in all Scripture; again you see, because they can so easily deny Scripture when it does not suit their purpose.

I recall when still a mere lad hearing one minister in a catechism class remark how that his mother on learning his intention of becoming a minister, said to him but oh, that is a great responsibility. I did not realize until years later what wisdom and thought those words contain.

Now the main thrust of that which I would like to bring out is this and ask the question of the church leaders: Do you sincerely ask yourself the question: Am I fully aware of this great responsibility, that some day I must give answer to my Maker for all that I have done while serving in His sheepfold. God give us each and every one wisdom and grace to think on His ways. FRED ONDERSMA Grand Rapids, Mich.