In Reply to Dr. James Daane

In the September, 1958, issue of TORCH AND TRUMPET, an article appeared under the heading: The Future of our Christian Schools. The author was Mr. Raymond J. Geerdes,

Mr. Geerdes also wrote: “Dr. Daane was later questioned as to whether this involvement in the American scene could not be more easily accomplished by sending a child directly to the public schools. The reply was that tills could very probably be true. Dr. Daane later admitted that perhaps Christian school teachers also could better achieve this type of involvement by becoming public school teachers.”

Mr. Geerdes’ contention was that this approach to Christian education would mean the end of our Christian schools.

In the Reformed Journal of April, 1959, Dr. Daane claims that Mr. Geerdes did not give a correct report of his remarks at Redlands. He also complains that Mr. Geerdes reported what he had said “in private conversation, outdoors, and after the public meeting.” He takes TORCH AND TRUMPET to task for publishing “such out-of-door, after-the meeting, private controversial conversation.”

Our defense is found in a letter sent to us by Mr. Geerdes in which he declares Dr. Daane’s accusation false and a distortion. We quote further: “Everything printed in my article, including mention of questions asked Dr. Daane, was done in public. The speech was in public, and the questions were public. The Rev. Jacob Paauw was present and asked the questions. He will confirm my statement.”

If Dr. Daane can prove to us with statements from those who heard the discussions that what Mr. Ceerdes reported in TORCH AND TRUMPET was not mentioned in those discussions we shall express sincere regrets.

H. J. Kuiper