Heart Words

What ifs

come so easy, so often

when the body is cold.

Erupting from hearts,

spewing from lips,

yet like chasing wind.

We live by grace:

not by our wisdom

but by His folly;1

not by “if only I…”

but “because He…”



are wondered more privately,

but no less intensely; angrily,

painfully, no more wisely.

For we cannot carry the burden about days-to-come2

and ought not seek

for what we should not know.

Father tells us all we need:

Brian is safe at home.3



are sounds of the Spirit.

Oft wrestled from us,

yet balm for the hurt,

confessing that Father-love is sturdier,4

Father-plans are wiser,5

crying in Him more glorious than laughing without.6

More sure am I of His love

than I am of myself.



Footnotes: 1. I Cor. 1:25 2. Mt. 6:34 3. Isa.57:1–2 4. Ro. 8:28, 38–39 5 Ro. 11:33–36 6. Ro. 8:18; II Cor 4:17 7. Heidelberg Catechism, Answer 129

for Dave and Laurie, when Brian died, Feb. 25, 1987 by John R. Sittema

Editors’ note: The Sittemas have just experienced the truth of these words in Mrs. Sittema’s recent battle with leukemia from which she is currently in remission. We praise God and commend her and their family to our Father’s loving care and healing mercies.