Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Dear Jesus,

Christmas time is near again—a time to celebrate your birthday. I’m speaking to you as a present-day mother of children; therefore, I understand the significance of birthdays.


In celebration of your birthday we wouldnt consider skipping church on Christmas morning. I always try to tell the children the true story of Christmas. We also like to listen to and sing the Christmas carols. I know it was a great thing you did in coming to earth for us. I want to give a consistent teaching of that truth to my children.

I’m baking a cake for your birthday in the shape of Santa Claus. I know it’s your birthday; but, you know, children need fun things. I hope you understand when Dad dresses up like Santa Claus and passes out the gifts to the children, that we also try to always teach them that every good gift comes from you; but, you know, children need excitement out of Christmas. I wrap some of the children’s gifts in Santa Claus wrapping paper to make it more fun and of more interest for the children. I read the children some Santa Claus stories too, but I tell them the real meaning of Christmas besides, so I hope you don’t mind. Last week I took the children to the mall to see Santa Claus, sit on his lap, and tell him what they want for Christmas; but I want you to know that I explain to them that they should ask you in prayer for the things they need. I put up some Santa Claus decorations and ornaments in the house for Christmas, but I never fail to put up a nativity scene also in order that the children may celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

I’m beginning to find Christmas in our home a little confusing at times; but I’m sure you understand that the children need a fun time, and they can’t seem to get excited about just celebrating your birthday, but be assured you are the CENTER of our Christmas.

Well…anyway, Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Mrs. Groenendyk attended Dordt College and graduated from Calvin College. She received Iter MA from MSU and taught in five Christian schools for a total of twenty-seven years. She is married to Rev. Marion Groenendyk and is a member of the First Zeeland CRC where her husband is employed.