Life is filled with struggles, each day a brand new test.

We learn new things from others while striving for our best.

In competition always, we often come up short,

Whether failing on a test, or losing on the court.


Excellence is hard to find, while trials seem to stay.

And when we need our friends the most, they turn the other way.

But You, oh Lord, are worthy, most merciful and high;

You created us from nothing and sent your Son to die.


Your grace is undeserving as we sin so much each day.

Your love is pure as gold as You are the only way.

The broad road may be easy; it may be great and fun.

But the narrow brings true joy, through loving your own Son.


Happiness will come and go, like flowers in the spring.

But joy will fill our hearts year round through anything You bring.

We’ll learn to trust You always, as our Maker and our Friend;

And through your Holy Spirit, we’ll love You to the end.


This is why we live each day in comfort and in peace.

We know we’ll spend eternity, eating at your feast.

So thank you Lord for giving us your mercy and your grace.

May we run with perseverance, and may we win the race.



Michael Schout is a senior at Zeeland High School. He and his family attend Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Holland, MI. Michael will attend Covenant Christian College in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in the fall.