God’s Word – What’s It Saying?

What’s happening in the CRC—is anyone aware?

Or maybe, we’ve been lulled to sleep—does anyone care?

Whatever the case, lack of concern, thought or feeling,

It’s not only our church, but God’s Word, with which we are dealing.


So much controversy over what used to be so clear,

About how we interpret the Bible, a Book we hold dear.

Are we just getting smarter, more educated—as we get older,

Or taking more liberties with God’s holy Word—getting bolder?


These questions must be answered—it can’t be both ways.

What’s politically correct (so important these days…)

Just doesn’t seem to “fit” when you speak of God’s Word,

A Book SO rich in heavenly treasures—how long we’ve heard!


It’s differences of interpretation—lack of clearness, we’ve heard,

From those equally devoted to God’s holy Word.

What used to be clear, by faith, years ago,

Is now “uncertain, under study, or perceived differently” by church leaders we’re told.


Don’t believe what you hear—withhold judgment, please beware,

See Acts Of Synod, our official statements, and decisions—clear the air …

Well, really now, what statements and in which year should we look?

For the “correct” answers to questions, we have many a book.


The issues facing our church are many, and answers again almost due,

Regarding creation, women-in-office, homosexuality—to mention a few.

It seems just yesterday when what was abundantly clear

Was found solely in God’s Word—the Book held so dear.


But this year, once again we have a new synod—what direction will it go?

As the CRC church, in vain seeks to dodge both critic and foe…

And make its decision—keeping current culture in mind,

Reaching for perceived truth—but without being unkind.


It just seems to me, only a layman, you see…

That the answers may be less complex than we make them to be.

Lean on God’s Word—long the unerring guide for the CRC.

Historical Christian truths are again in vogue. Can it be?


Our prayer for Synod 1994 is that it get back into the Word,

God’s infallible truths, quite loud and painfully clear, must again be heard.

Don’t make decisions based on what “isms” may think or feel

You’re there to discern truth and not “cut a deal.”


The CRC church, if you look up Webster, may be unwell or sick.

It’s “deeply disturbed, distressed, extremely upset,” you take your pick.

Obedience to God’s Word and faithful diligence in prayer are a necessity

When we call on God for a cure and truly expect His rich blessing!


– John Workman