From the Editor

In this past year we have had over 110 articles written by over fifty different writers from ten different federations/denominations.

You may have noticed some changes that took place this year. The most obvious one is that we went to color covers and color pictures. Less obvious, but still noticeable is the fact that most of our issues are now thirty-two pages instead of twenty-four. Hopefully not obvious at all, was the fact that we added a third proofreader.

Something that we did not change was the mandate and desire to promote and defend the Reformed faith. I am thankful for a strong board at Reformed Fellowship that is determined to make the magazine work to that end — the defense and promotion of the Reformed faith.

In the past that has not always been easy. I recall a time when our past editor, Rev. Vanden Heuvel spoke at our annual dinner making a plea to our Associate Members for financial assistance in order to republish our best selling book, With a Shepherd’s Heart by Dr. J. Sittema. Fortunately, the funds came in and we were able to reprint Dr. Sittema’s book.

Through your generous contributions we have been able to do yet another printing of the same book, giving it a new cover. We also have some other projects in the works: We are updating some of our Bible Study material; looking into publishing more Bible Studies, as well as other books that will benefit the church; and we soon will have all the issues of The Outlook available on CD. We are selling Bible studies and other material through our website as well as at

Obviously none of this would be possible without your generous contributions. Without your generous gifts With a Shepherd’s Heart would never have been reprinted, nor would any of the other projects be possible. In fact, without your generous gifts, The Outlook would have folded several years ago.

You make it happen! For that, I thank you!

With our new cover designs we are trying to attract younger readers hoping to get them interested in reading the same articles that defend and promote the Reformed faith that you have enjoyed for many years. We need your help to do it. Won’t you consider giving a contribution of the Reformed Fellowship in order that we can keep up the work that we believe has been a blessing to the church? Would you also consider giving a gift subscription of The Outlook to a young family that you know so they also can enjoy the articles that appear in our magazine?

In His service, Rev. Wybren Oord, Editor