Former Abortionist Writes ‘About Your Choice’ for Others in the Abortion Industry

ST. PAUL, Minn. (EP) – Former abortionist Joan Appleton, who directed the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Falls Church, Virginia, for five years, has just completed a brochure for employees of abortion clinics called “About Your Choice.”

The brochure asks its readers to consider the facts, says Appleton. “In 1973, abortion was seen as ‘The Great Panacea’ — there would be no more unwanted children, no more child abuse, no more spouse abuse. But statistics show these have increased dramatically. Even suicide among teenagers has risen dramatically. A society that kills its children cannot survive.”

The brochure doesn’t use a condemning approach, says Appleton, who left the abortion industry years ago when she realized the effect abortion had on the lives of young mothers. She knows first-hand the agony facing the guilt of abortion. She also knows the loneliness. When she resigned from the Falls Church clinic and walked away from the abortion industry, she found that all her former friends and allies had deserted her. “I knew that some of them – maybe most of them – would leave. I didn’t know that every friend I had would abandon me.”

Appleton, who speaks to pro-life groups across the nation, notes that one of the things that makes it difficult to leave the abortion industry is giving up the recognition and acclaim that it offers. “People admire you for what you do,” she says. “They say, ‘Oh, that takes so much courage.’ But the fact of the matter is, most of our friends would never do the dirty work of abortion.”



Appleton continues, “When it becomes unpopular to do abortions, the politicians aren’t going to be there, the feminists aren’t going to be there, the administrators aren’t going to be there, the friends aren’t going to be there. They are going to be distancing themselves from the guilt. But it’s not going to be as easy for those of us who have participated — and unless you’ve been there, you cannot imagine the pain.”

While the Society of Centurions in New Brunswick, Canada, offers help for people leaving the abortion industry, no US equivalent has yet been founded, says Appleton. “The church needs to be a place of healing and reconciliation,” she notes. Her new brochure is one step in the establishment of an outreach for former abortionists.