Classis Michigan URCNA

The twelfth meeting of Classis Michigan of the United Reformed Churches in North America took place on June 3, 2003 at the Cornerstone United Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. Cornerstone had called this special meeting for the purpose of examining Mr. Gene Crow who had accepted a call to the church plant in Muskegon.

Rev. Besteman, appointed by Cornerstone to be the chairman, welcomed the delegates and several visitors including: Rev. F. Gunnink, Rev. E. Knott, Rev. R. Lankheet, and Rev. J. Wesseling.

The examination of Mr. Crow went smoothly. Delegates were impressed with the way Mr. Crow articulated himself in the areas of Practica, Church Polity, Confessional Knowledge, Reformed Doctrine, and Ethics. After the exam, the delegates voted unanimously that Mr. Crow had sustained the examination and instructed the Cornerstone Consistory to proceed with the ordination. Rev. Lankheet, former pastor to Mr. Crow when he lived in California, offered a prayer of thanksgiving.

After the examination, Classis continued with the business of the day which included a report from the Ad Hoc Missions Committee. The committee proposed that a Classis Mission Committee be established “to promote Biblical and Reformed missionary activity by encouraging the churches to send ordained personnel and then support staff for those ordained personnel.” The committee would assist the churches of Classis by gathering, coordinating, and publicizing information of mission activity. The Classis adopted the proposal.

Classis also discussed the possibility of establishing a classis wide Health Insurance Policy for pastors and other kingdom workers. After some discussion, the delegates voted in favor of the concept. Delegates were encouraged to discuss particular programs with their Councils.

While most of the meeting went well, delegates felt the gravity of their responsibility when Classis went into Executive Session to offer advice to five churches seeking their counsel in matters of discipline.

In addition, Classis concurred with the actions of Cornerstone URC in releasing Rev. T. Perkins from service at Cornerstone URC by means of Church Order Article 11.

May the Lord bless the work of His servants.

Faithfully submitted, Rev. W. H. Oord, Clerk