Christian School History Made in Canada

February 20. 1975 will go down in the annals of Christian school history as being an historic day. It is the day that the Canadian Christian Education Foundation (CCEF) was born. It w ill doubtless take a place comparable to April 29, 1949 when the Christian School Educational Foundation (CSEF) was founded in the United States.

The Canadian Christian Education Foundation (CCEF) was established in the context of particular needs. It is the result of a study initiated by the Christian School Educational Foundation (CSEF), a Michigan corporation, in addressing itself to a special problem. Since the CSEF is not incorporated in Canada and not registered with the Department of National Revenue, individual donors could not deduct their gifts for Canadian income tax purposes. A committee of the CSEF was mandated to investigate this matter and seek a solution to the problem.

The upshot is the founding of a new institution, a Canadian corporation with a purpose parallel to that of the CSEF.

The CCEF, being an independent Canadian corporation, has a full Canadian identity. It is administered by directors of whom all but two of the thirteen carter members are Canadian residents and citizens.

In order to get a proper geographical distribution of members on the hoard, other Canadian directors will be added as soon as feasible.

The mutuality of the CSEF and the CCEF is manifested in good liaison relationships. Roger Boererna and Gerald Knol, trustee and business manager respectively of the CSEF have been elected to the CCEF Board of Directors. Sidney Harkema, Brampton, Ontario and Clarence Wagenaar, Calgary, Alberta, directors of the CCEF, will retain their membership on the CSEF Board of Trustees.

Thus, what began as an investigation of incorporating and registering the Christian School Educational Foundation in Canada resulted in the formation of a new institution.

Allowing for the shift in national interest, the purposes of the CCEF are similar to that of the CSEF. The concern focuses on Canadian Christian schools which are members of the National Union of Christian Schools. Their curriculum needs are primary. The CCEF will provide funds to pay for the research and preparation of new teaching aids. Canadian teachers will be commissioned to study various aspects of classroom activity and prepare materials.

The establishment of the new institution is a positive step in the further unification of Christian schools in North America which make up the National Union of Christian Schools (NUCS) while recognizing national situations and needs.

As a non-profit corporation, some of the objectives of this corporation will be:

1. To further the interests of Christian Education based upon the Word of God as interpreted in the Reformed Standards and consistent with the Reformed world and life view. 2. To financially support the educational program of the National Union of Christian Schools in Canada. 3. The encouragement of study and research in all phases of such Christian education and in furtherance thereof, the granting of scholarships to or the employment of students who shall engage in such study and research. 4. The preparation and publication of textbooks and other teachers’ aids and facilities for use in such Christian education and consistent therewith and making the same available to all who may wish to use them, upon such terms and conditions as the circumstances of the Foundation may permit and as are consistent with its purpose. 5. The sponsorship of other educational activities such as educational clinics. refresher courses, general scholarships, publication of books and papers and similar activities within the general purposes of the Foundation. 6. The adoption, support and operation of plans and programs designed to increase and broaden the interest and support of the general public in such Christian education and in stimulating and encouraging the use thereof. 7. To give and extend such help and support, financial or otherwise, to the National Union of Christian Schools and/or Christian schools in Canada as they may, from time to time, deem proper and prudent.