Christian Renewal Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Publication

Christian Renewal began on October 11, 1982 with a five team editor board consisting of J. D. Hellinga, J. B. Hulst, T. Plantinga, J. Tuininga, and H. Vander Goot. The current editor, John Van Dyke, came on board in 1984 and gradually was granted the responsibility for the complete content and direction of the magazine.

Within a few years, Christian Renewal began addressing issues within the Christian Reformed Church as the denomination began drifting towards feminism and theistic evolution. Along with ecclesiastical issues, Christian Renewal kept an eye on world issues such as the New Age Movement, the AIDS crisis, and much more.

The Board of Reformed Fellowship extends its congratulations to the Christian Renewal in achieving this milestone. We are thankful for the contributions the magazine has made to the Church of Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to bless the endeavors of the Christian Renewal in her work for the Church.