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THE CROSS HE BORE by Frederick S. Leahy Paperback, 96pp, $6.99 ISBN 0 85151 693 9

THE CROSS HE BORE is a series of meditative studies on the passion of Jesus Christ, tracing His experience from the agony of the Garden of Gethsemane to the darkness in which He died on Calvary. It takes us to the very heart of the Christian gospel.

In a Foreword to this book, Edward Donnelly writes: “We are too apt to hurry past the cross, to undervalue, in spite of ourselves, the supreme mystery of the ages by a shallow assumption that we know it all. We do not—and never will. But we need to take the time to learn as much as we can. We need to “behold,” to “survey,” to “stand and stare.” In reading these chapters, I found myself more than once compelled by emotion to stop—and then to worship.”

Frederick S. Leahy is a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and is Principal of The Reformed Theological College, Belfast.

THE LETTERS OF SAMUEL RUTHERFORD Paperback, 208pp, $4.99 ISBN 0 85151 1635

Like John Bunyan in Bedford jail Samuel Rutherford did his best work while suffering imprisonment for the Gospel. His opponents had meant to silence him but instead they perpetuated his ministry through the centuries for it was out of this period that most of his famous letters came. Addressed to high and low, they were so prized by the recipients that the first collection by Robert McWard appeared in 1664 just three years after Rutherford’s death.

From this, “the most remarkable series of devotional letters that the literature of the Reformed churches can show,” the great leaders in the church as well as the humblest Christians have drawn strength. It is said of Robert Murray McCheyne that “the Letters of Samuel Rutherford were often in his hand.” Richard Baxter’s view was that, apart from the Bible, “such a book as Mr. Rutherford’s Letters the world never saw the like,” while to C.H. Spurgeon they were “the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere men.” This edition contains 69 of these letters.

SERMONS OF SAMUEL WARD Clothbound, 208pp, $14.99 ISBN 0 85151 697 I

Speaking of the SERMONS OF SAMUEL WARD (1577–1639), J.C. Ryle said: “The doctrine of Ward’s sermons is always thoroughly evangelical. He is always to the point, always about the main things in divinity, and generally sticks to his text.”

“Ward’s style is always eminently simple. Singularly rich in illustration, bringing everyday life to bear continually on his subject, pressing into his Master’s service the whole circle of human learning, not afraid to use familiar language such as all could understand, bold, direct, fiery, dramatic, and speaking as if he feared none but God, he was just the man to arrest the attention, and to keep it arrested, to set men thinking, and to make them anxious to hear him again.

“Well would it be for the churches if we had more preachers like him! I hope that men like him may be read and circulated throughout the land.”