Banner of Truth (Book reviews)

CONFLICT AND TRIUMPH (The argument of the Book of Job Unfolded) by William Henry Green Large Paperback, 192pp $7.99 ISBN 0-85151-761-7

Written by a master of Old Testament interpretation with a pastors heart, this work sheds a great deal of light on the meaning of the Book of Job. The author explains the structure of the book, the role played by each of the participants, the significance of their speeches and the bearing of each part on the overall theme. But his deeper pastoral concern is to help the “afflicted child of God” to draw “the waters of consolation from this inspired and copious source.” William Henry Green (1825–1900) held the chair of Biblical and Oriental Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary, USA from 1851 till his death.

JUDGES by Andrew R. Fausset Clothbound, 360pp $19.99 ISBN 0-85151-762-5

The author’s aim in this commentary was to explain the text accurately, to clarify the geographical and historical references in Judges, and “to endeavor in dependence on the Holy Spirit, to draw forth from the narrative and the inspired Word the spiritual lessons deSigned by the Divine Author.” He believed that “the histories in Holy Scripture are wonderfully framed by their Divine Author to set forth spiritual and everlasting truths for all ages, and especially to typify Him in whom all history, type and prophecy find their center” — “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and for ever” (Heb. 13:8). Andrew Robert Fausset (1821–1910), a native of County Fermanagh is particularly remembered today for the great commentary he produced with Robert Jamieson and David Brown in 1871.

THE QUEST FOR FULL ASSURANCE (The Legacy of Calvin and his Successors) by Joel R. Beeke Large Paperback, 416pp $4.99 ISBN 0-85151-745-5

Against the background of the sixteenth-century Reformers (with special attention to Calvin), Beeke examines the theological development of personal assurance of faith in English Puritanism, and its parallel movement in the Netherlands. the Dutch Second Reformation. “A long-needed and outstanding work on the subject of assurance…of permanent importance for preachers and students” (lain H. Murray, Edinburgh). Joel R. Beeke (Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary) is pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He is author of several books.

The Mystery of Godliness, by John Calvin Hardback, 212pp $20.95 ISBN 1-57358-094-5

Most people know John Calvin only because of his Institutes of the Christian Religion, or because he was a great Reformer. But Calvin was first and foremost a preacher of God’s Word. This book is a collection of 14 rare sermons preached by Calvin. It is easy to see the relevance of Calvin’s sermons four centuries later. When this work was first published in New York in 1830, it was the first printing of these sermons since the 16th century; they were re-typeset in 1950 by Eerdman’s.