An Open Letter

Many of you far more than we had ever anticipated—are now receiving THE OUTLOOK for the first time. A most hearty welcome to you as you join our growing family of readers!

Of course, we would much prefer to send a personal letter to each of you to tell you what we have in mind. However, we had not foreseen the overwhelming and most gratifying response to our offer to make oneyear complimentary subscriptions to THE OUTLOOK available to all CRC consistory members who would request them. Imagine how elated we are that about 3500 CRC elders and deacons, in addition to those who already were subscribers , are now receiving our publication in response to our offer. For this “‘e thank God and also are greatly encouraged. However, because of this we find it necessary to address you all by this open letter.

Perhaps you are wondering about the possibility of making all these complimentary subscriptions available and also about the reason for doing so. The answer to both questions is simple.

First, there are many members and friends of Reformed Fellowship whose financial contributions, large and small, have made this unprecedented and generous offer possible. These donors obviously are convinced that THE OUTLOOK should not only be supported but also that it should receive a wider distribution. As a Board we believe that our action would be in keeping with their wishes.

But why make this offer to consistory members? We do this because of their special positions of leadership in the Church which enables them to do so much to determine the course the CRC will go. Frankly, we together with others are greatly troubled by certain wrong developments in our denomination that we seek to set forth and hope also to correct; our great love for our Church does not allow us to remain silent. It i s our conviction that especially consistory members must be informed of what is going on so that they may be aroused to action to counteract any further departures from our Reformed faith and life.

We must be frank also about the fact that our financial reserves will be depleted in the foreseeable future unless our friends continue to make generous financial contributions. Of course, it is our hope and also our prayer that when the one year free subscriptions are expired, the recipients will want to continue as regular subscribers. With our Lord’s continued blessing we look forward prayerfullY and hopefully to further service for the true welfare of the CRC in particular and of His Church and cause in general. Whatever you are able to do to support this work will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you for giving these matters your most careful consideration and hoping also that we may hear from you if you have any suggestions for us, we are