Abortion is Murder

Abortion is an issue

We are facing in this land,

And someday each American

Will have to take a stand.


There comes a time in every life

When we must make our choices,

Deciding what is right or wrong

And then to raise our voices.


We will do this in the voting booth

When candidates we choose

Because these politicians

Will represent our views.


We must recall abortion laws,

It is up to every state.

This nation needs a change of heart

Before it is too late.


We read in the papers every day

That pro-lifers try to keep

Women out of the clinics,

For their unborn children weep.


To prevent unwanted pregnancies

The Bible says abstain.

Listening to the Word of God

Spares suffering and pain.


Pro-Choice groups don’t tell women

How remorseful they will feel;

Depressing thoughts will torment them

That time may never heal.


Elly Schuuring O’Connor

If we don’t love as God wants us to live and call ourselves Christians, we are taking the Lord’s name in vain.


Reprinted with permission from the March, 1994 FACTS Newsletter.