“A Site to Behold” Website Review

This is the first in a series of articles planned to introduce the readership of The Outlook to resources on the web that can be helpful to Reformed Christians. Whether you are a web guru or relatively new to the digital world, I hope you will benefit from these reviews of websites and blogs that contains useful tools for learning more about the Reformed faith or that can enrich your spiritual life.

The first website that I recommend is also one of the most helpful: is one of the fastest growing and easiest-to-use collections of sermons online. And, it is completely free for the listener.

Many churches use this site to load weekly sermons from their pastor. Churches can do this for a minimal monthly fee, but you can listen to as many sermons as you want for no charge.

Sermons can be browsed by speaker (simply type in the name of the preacher for whom you are looking), church (simply type in the name of the church or denomination), passage (simply type in the reference), or topic (simply type in any key word). Then hit “play” on any sermon that interests you, and you are in business. You can find sermons from famous speakers such as John Piper and Ligon Duncan, as well as sermons from many of your local pastors. has become an extremely prominent tool for evangelism in recent years. Many seekers who are perhaps too skeptical (or nervous) to show up in a local church will search I have heard of and met many people who have shown up at a local church saying, “I’m new to this whole church thing, but I’ve been listening to your broadcasts and would like to learn more.” In today’s digital age, radio broadcasts and ministries are giving way to Internet programs, and is giving churches the ability to minister to this new audience. According to, “Numerous churches have testified that more visitors find their church through than through other advertising methods.”

However, is very careful to not take the place of the local church. They have many ways of promoting and helping local churches, including the “local church finder,” which helps people find good churches in their area. If you type in a ZIP code or city name, will show you all churches in your area.

So whether you want to find a local church, listen to sermons by your favorite speaker, or listen to a plethora of sermons on a particular passage, is a vastly helpful and important resource for Christians in today’s digital world.

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