Invincible Redeemer

Meditation Text: Genesis 1:3–25 | Suggested Reading: Deuteronomy 4:15–40 So far we’ve been examining Genesis 1 as if it was written for us. It was, of course. The Holy Spirit inspired Moses to give all God’s people throughout the ages a revelation of himself. Still, Moses’ first readers would have been the Israelites as they […]

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Totally Not Awesome: The Search for Humility

Have you ever encountered cereal-box theology? One day I was reading the cereal box during breakfast, and it had a graph saying, “You are EQUAL PARTS: 20% Amazing—20% Brilliant—20% Funny—20% Talented—20% Smart—and 100% AWESOME!” I felt tired just looking at it! I had been woken up several times during the night by my children. At […]

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